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Identity of a refugee woman

“I have nothing” doesn’t mean “I am nothing”! This is the reality when we talk about refugee women and the concept of identity. These days, when we talk about identity, we’re often referri...Read More

Food is love

When we get homesick, which is quite frequent among expats, food is a way of comfort. We crave for culinary delights from back home. This doesn’t mean that local food is not as good as what we grew up...Read More

Knitting – alternative yoga for your brain!

Not so long ago I noticed I was quite alone at knitting in public places or anywhere really. People were giving me that weird look wondering what sort of alien species I might be. Actually about 20 ye...Read More

Ideal Christmas Present through the Lens of Mindfulness

Have you ever heard about “Slow-motion tribe”? No, I am not talking about an indigenous tribe. What I mean is a community of people sharing similar values, visions and lifestyles. Being identified by ...Read More

Am I a mother or a woman?

I will focus more on the female perspective on the matter, as it is more familiar to me. Over and over again around me I have witnessed the same scenario: lovely couple gets married, sooner or later t...Read More

ID and CV

The story I would like to share with you, dear migrant women, will try in a way to deconstruct or at least reconstruct the borders between the private and the public. In this sense, I want to encourag...Read More

Cultural Grief

When moving to a new location, you always have to leave something behind – a familiar environment, close contact with family and friends, even your own sense of identity. These losses can be pro...Read More

Das erste Food-Festival für nachhaltige Ernährung in Bern

Vom 8. bis zum heutigen 21. September fand in Bern die Kulinata, das Food-Festival für nachhaltige Ernährung, statt. Das Festival wurde vom Amt für Umweltschutz der Stadt Bern mit Unterstützung durch ...Read More

Good Life – The choice is yours!

I have always wondered, what makes some people happier than others, What helps them to find joy more easily in life,  how can they rejoice with the little things and appreciate what they have on a con...Read More

AcroYoga Flashmob Zürich

[:de]HEALTH TRENDS: ACROYOGA The AcroYoga Flashmob Zürich was realized on the 7th of May 2017 within the Zürich Tanzt festival under the lead of Salvatore Daniele from The word Yoga itself...Read More

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