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Surviving COVID-19 and the life after

Parul Chhaparia “In the past few weeks, the infection has made me realize a few things that I never appreciated earlier,” said Tarika Dudi, who lives in Gurgaon city in India. The second wave of coron...Read More

Over the seas and far away

A few months ago I experienced Covid-19 in Switzerland, when it was decided to close schools and work from home as much as possible. Back then, I thought it would be quite difficult to spend a few wee...Read More

Mental health of an expecting mother during Covid-19

Parul Chhaparia Pregnancy is supposed to be a special time for expectant families. However, with the coronavirus pandemic spiralling out of control, all the exciting and happy thoughts are often engul...Read More

When you first get to Switzerland, what do you need to know?

Health insurance is mandatory, and when you get a complementary health insurance, it allows you to benefit from alternative medicine and pay less. Complementary insurance often includes things like a ...Read More

Pesach in time of Corona

We’re just a few days away from the 14th of Nissan in the Jewish calendar, the starting of Pesach or otherwise known as Passover. The celebration starts after nightfall with a feast called Seder, whic...Read More

مجنون يحكي و عاقل يسمع

هل أخذنا الوقت الكافي لاستيعاب الصدمة؟ هل استيقظنا منها؟ هل فعلاً  لدينا عقول؟ هل نبصر؟ هل نسمع؟ إن كنا نستطيع أن نرى أبعد من أنفنا إذا نستطيع أن نرى أبعد من ذلك.هل هي حقائق مخفية أم مزورة. هل هي وليد...Read More

إنها مجرد عطسة

عطسةٌ أخافت الجميع! عطسةٌ واحدة نشرت العدل في العالم كله. لقد تساوى السيد مع الخادم. كلاهما يخافان من عطسة. شبحُ كورونا أقلقَهم جميعاً والتصقَ بهم كما تلتصق القرادة في الجلد. يخافون من عطسة خفيفة الصو...Read More

Loneliness at the times of Corona

Humans are social beings: cut them off the basic human interaction and they might get sick simply because of loneliness, anxiety and sadness. As a response to the global pandemic we are advised to ado...Read More

Eat Healthy – Stay Healthy

Food advice for staying healthy from our editor Zaher El Jamous. ZaherZaher Al Jamous ist in Daraa im Süden Syriens geboren. Nach einem Studium in englischer Literatur an der Universität von Damaskus ...Read More

Women taking charge of their future

One of the most important quests for any immigrant women in Switzerland is to find a job and settle down financially. Whether we come as a refugee, as an expat, as a student or as a wife, we desire to...Read More

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