Caro Knaack or … why does a woman need balls to be funny?

Caro Knaack – Swiss Comedy Talent Award 2021 Caro Knaack is a multi-talent: saxophonist, dancer, singer and a comedian who can tell her jokes in 4 languages. As part of the „Comedy Women“ network, she presents her own version of „women with balls“, poking fun at her own life story that looks like it came […]

Ukraine-Russia Conflict: It’s getting worse for the Indian students

Parul C While the Russia-Ukraine conflict intensifies, the state of the Indian students stuck in Ukraine seems to be getting gut-wrenching with each passing day. Thousands of them are still hiding in cold bunkers to save themselves from the bombardment, with no hope in sight of when they would be evacuated by the government and […]

Part 2: Caught between the two worlds: Dilemma of an expat

By Parul Chhaparia In a recent job interview, the interviewer asked me when did you move to Switzerland and why? I said over five years back to join my husband and mainly because it was challenging to say no to Switzerland. “Well, it depends on where one comes from,” pat came his reply. It did […]

Između doline i neba: razgovor s Dragicom Rajčić Holzner ima čast razgovarati s dobitnicom Švicarske nagrade za literaturu za 2021: Dragica Rajčić Holzner i pri tome imamo priliku popričati o stvarima koje čine pisanje Vaš (i naš) život. Roman „Ljubav za ljubav“ pisali ste 10 godina. 10 godina je uistinu puno vremena. Kako je pisanje određivalo vašu svakodnevicu? Dragica Rajčić Holzner: Bio […]

Surviving COVID-19 and the life after

The World is Temporarily Closed letters

Parul Chhaparia “In the past few weeks, the infection has made me realize a few things that I never appreciated earlier,” said Tarika Dudi, who lives in Gurgaon city in India. The second wave of coronavirus in India was a catastrophe. It not only overwhelmed the healthcare systems but also made a majority of the […]

Les Femmes noires laissant un héritage : lecture „I will be different every time…“ pendant le Tour de Lorraine

Du 30 avril au 13 mai la 21e édition du «Tour de Lorraine» s’est déroulée à Berne. Cette année, une série d’ateliers, de soirées-débats, de lectures et de projections de cinéma ont eu lieu sous le slogan: « Tour décolonial : décoloniser les têtes et les cœurs». La lecture „I will be different every time“ (2020, […]

The Flower-injection in the Soul Tired from the Pandemic

On the 8th of March exactly on the International Women’s Day I was taken away by the flower whirlwind. Flowers from the artist’s canvas. And painted flowers suddenly noticed by me among paving stones in the old city of Bern. The wizard’s name was Alex Doll. Walking down the old street of Bern someday in […]

SWAN launches a new initiative to support women in the Swiss audiovisual industry

The Swiss Women’s Audiovisual Network (SWAN) presented the first Swiss online directory of women working in the audiovisual industry on January 25th at the Solothurn Film Festival. This initiative aims to raise the visibility of women in this field and to connect them with potential recruiters and partners in order to move forward towards gender […]

Finding a job during COVID-19

One of the most challenging tasks when you land in Switzerland, is finding a job. This has become even more challenging as most of the companies revisit and rework budgets to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on businesses. However, we at are an optimistic lot. Therefore, in today’s interview, we bring you […]