Impact of Spirituality on Mental Health

Anisa AB, a Meditation and Intuitive Painting teacher and Resilience coach

We are living in unprecedented times. The fear, stress, worry, and sadness over Covid-19 situation have taken a serious toll on our mental health. speaks to Anisa AB, a Meditation and Intuitive Painting teacher and Resilience coach about how having a spiritual connection helps us be strong mentally and emotionally. Please tell us a little about you?

Anisa AB: I am Anisa. I have been born in Iran. I moved to Italy at the age of 17 to study. It is for the last five years that I have been living in Switzerland. I never planned to be a meditation teacher or a coach. So the difficulties in life brought me to the power of meditation and then Pranic healing. Even though I was painting when I was 15-14 but I came to meditation later. When life got, you know, more difficult. I tried different classes and each time, the teaching brought light into my life. When did your spiritual journey start and how did you get into teaching?

Anisa AB: I have been practicing for many years now and now there is no ending journey. The teachings are so limitless, whatever does is probably only 5%. If I can explain the effectiveness and impact on my life of the meditation and coaching and resilience practices, it has been huge. So much so that I decided to help others. I started to take training to be a teacher and start to teach meditation and resilience practice and intuitive painting too. Do you think in the current times, mental health has become a bigger concern than ever before?

Anisa AB: It is indeed the most important thing. It influences the physical body, relationship, and all other aspects of wellbeing. If you consider it, it is our thoughts. So if I ask you how are you feeling now, it is the quality of your thoughts that you have in your head. It is your whole body. It is like loving your child. So the mental health, your thoughts influence energy and life. What kind of groups are you engaging with?

Anisa AB: There are different groups. I can say whoever comes to me, they are conscious. They are conscious that there is something else that they can discover in life. They come to me sometimes to remove the thoughts that they do not need or it is a discovery so they are looking for more purpose in life. Then there are other things like stress, relationship problems or they would like to bring some tranquility in life through meditation. What do you wish women knew about mental health?

Anisa AB: I wish that we had this awareness that we are the quality of our thoughts. There are so many practices that can allow us to live more joyfully. Joyful does not mean to always be happy. It means to be serene, content even during suffering. It helps us not lose positive energy even when suffering. I wish women have this awareness. What role can spiritual practice play in mental health?

Anisa AB: I believe when you are spiritually connected to something and you believe to leave the poor intention, you receive energy. With the spiritual practice, you remove the thoughts and emotions that are not needed and are being cleaned. It is like taking a shower. You remove the dirtiness. The shower is like that energy divine. So whatever you believe that you don’t need on your body, go out. Through spirituality or meditation, we can replace the negative thoughts with love, peace, and tranquility.

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