Samo Ples – Só Dança – Just Dance je sreo Só Dança u Bernu. To je bila ljubav na prvi pogled. Só Dança je projekt koji je Ramba Adeio pokrenula 2014. Rambina vizija je boriti se za jednakost među spolovima koristeći se govor...Read More

The missing X

The X-sculpture was installed on the Bahnhofplatz in Bern as a central symbol of the opposition to racism. The sculpture of the big significance was several times attacked by vandals. On the weekend b...Read More

Inclusive Fashion and Celebration of Cultural Diversity

  Martha, could you please tell us what you are doing? I am a clothing designer from New York City, now living in Bern. I am currently organizing the fashion show for the Festival der Kulturen. I...Read More

Тука во Швајцарија малку се пее

Во интервју за, Махајана зборува за тоа како се носи со интегративните процеси и како ги искористи културните разлики како поттик за креативна работа. Минатата година, Махајана Деви, со помо...Read More

Rita Rampinelli and Women in Motorsport

Walking through the exhibition „Grand Prix Suisse 1934-54“ in Historisches museum of Bern, I came across the picture of a woman in racing clothers bravely looking at me. Rita Rampinelli. Swiss lady pa...Read More

Who speaks romansh, knows more!

Fabienne erzählt uns, dass ihre Muttersprache Rätoromanisch ist, die vierte offizielle Landessprache der Schweiz. Der Ursprung dieser Sprache liegt im Lateinische zur Zeit der Römer. Fabienne arbeitet...Read More

Фитнес – искусство быть лучшим

В любом обществе существуют свои нормы и правила. Они обеспечивают порядок и предотвращают хаос. Однако некоторые «нормы», и то, что мы считаем приемлемым, могут со временем меняться. Каким же образом...Read More

Tramontana and its A-temporel

Good morning, Tramontana. I would like to know a bit more about you. Could you please present yourself? Alejandra Martin: Hi, I am Alejandra. I am viola player and I am from Spain. Mathilde Bernard: H...Read More

Knitting – alternative yoga for your brain!

Not so long ago I noticed I was quite alone at knitting in public places or anywhere really. People were giving me that weird look wondering what sort of alien species I might be. Actually about 20 ye...Read More

#LaGuerrillaDeTiza: Una Historia para Combatir el Racismo y la Xenofobia en Berna

En Berna la capital de Suiza, una mujer colombiana ha recibido ataques racistas y xenófobos por manejar la bicicleta al frente de su vivienda. Su respuesta y la de su esposo, ha sido pintar con tizas ...Read More

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