Girl, rise up: ein Strohhalm für Mut

Geschichten verbinden – Geschichten bewegen – Geschichten haben die Kraft zu verändern Die Welt besteht aus Geschichten. Viele bleiben stumm, obwohl sie Kraftvolles erzählen, Mut machen un...Read More

You are (all) that

“…Ideals cannot bring your possibilities out; only the knowledge of the real will help. So you are the central subject matter of Tantra, as you are and as you can become, your actuality and your...Read More

روز ولنتاین

مردم ایران از آن گروه مردمانی هستند که زندگیشان با جشن و شادمانی پیوند فراوانی داشته است، به فراخور مناسبتهای گوناگون جشن می گرفتند و با سرور و شادمانی روزگار می گذرانده اند. این جشن ها نشان دهنده فره...Read More

Transcending the abyss of the soul

‘Will God forgive us?’ ‘Did Jesus worry about being liked?’ (quotes from the film) Interwoven with both spirituality and religion, First Reformed shows us the crisis of Reverend Toller (portrayed flaw...Read More

The Scheme Starts to Unravel

“The unknown is not unknowable, and is vastly greater than the known.” Sir John Templeton The Tale is a feature film by the award-winning documentary filmmaker Jennifer Fox, based on actua...Read More

Questioning our sexuality in the space of Kali Yuga or a reflection on High Life, 2018, dir. Claire Denis

“Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.” (I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.) Terence, Roman playwright The modern society would punish their atrocities by sentencing...Read More

A spicy confusion inspired by Loro, 2018, dir. Paolo Sorrentino

An older rich woman business director invites 30 young, half-naked men over for a lovely dinner in a garden. The fine looking men are actually employees of an escort agency led by a woman who is the p...Read More

Does the future really belong to women?

Men’s authoritative and controlling behavior towards women both in personal relationships and in the workplace is a big issue to be discussed after observing the life of Mr. Willy and his lovely muse....Read More

Neue feministische Initiative in Kenia

Die Botschaft von „amescosa-road to recovery“ Initiative in Kenia “amescosa-road to recovery“ ist die erste, exklusiv frauen-spezifische Initiative in Kenia, die jugendliche Frauen in Alkohol- und Pol...Read More

«Migrantensession» Basel

Bald ist es soweit. Am Samstag, den 27. Oktober findet im Basler Rathaus die einzige Migrantensession der Schweiz statt. Lanciert vom Verein Mitstimme, hat das Projekt «Migrantensession» als Ziel, auf...Read More

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