Part 1: Caught between the two worlds: Dilemma of an expat

What does it feel like to belong as an expat or an immigrant? How does one cope with losing identity and the sense of belonging? In this series of stories, speaks to a few expats about their...Read More

The Flower-injection in the Soul Tired from the Pandemic

On the 8th of March exactly on the International Women’s Day I was taken away by the flower whirlwind. Flowers from the artist’s canvas. And painted flowers suddenly noticed by me among paving stones ...Read More

Параллельные общества

параллельные общества «Каждая культура отличается, но никогда не фальшивa». (Бeaтe Энтони Утешитель) Мы живем в прекрасной среде разнообразия, в котором много людей различного происхождения нашли свой...Read More

Does the system make (any) sense?

Every now and then, some strong lights such as docufiction drama The Diary of Diana B shine through the somber sky of Croatian fiction cinematography, and somehow sweep the competition. Maybe this is ...Read More


Music is nice like piano, trumpet, guitar or flute. Do you also play an instrument?

Hoe gaat het met onze aarde?

Onze video gaat over het milieu.

قوة القطط

بالإمكان رؤية القطة بأنها برّية و لكنها أيضاً ترغب بالعيش مع البشر. تستطيع القطة العيش مع راعيها بدون لغة. فهي تعرف بشكل دقيق اسمها و المكان المخصص لها للنوم.

Si las mujeres paramos se para el mundo

8 de Marzo – el Día Internacional de la Mujer. Como todos los años en todo el mundo las mujeres dejaron de trabajar para luchar por sus derechos en las calles. En Suiza se convocó la huelga general de...Read More

When a child regrets being born

I want to accuse my parents for bringing me into the world. Zain The ancient City of Capernaum is mentioned many times in the Gospels and according to the Book of Matthew, Jesus condemned it to hell. ...Read More

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