Hiking and Wandering: the Way to Self-Awareness

Recently I’ve been invited by the university friend to join the activity “Wandern für alle”. Kathrin admitted, that one day she had enough of her “office-life” and felt like engaging into something that could also help people to socialize and make new friendships. This intrigued me! I asked myself: what motivates people to hike? So, […]

Sabine Affolter | Vulva Vagina Klitoris | #Frauenstreik Speech

Sabina Affollter made a strong speech during the #Frauenstreik in Bern. She talked about sex positive feminism with a deep reflexion based in personal learnings, imposed and distorted by society. Sabina questioning words, acts and customes that are imposed for patriarchal language and system, with an exquisite humor.

I believe in Hormone Horoscope

Are you familiar with those moments in your life when you get confused about your own behavior and moods, not sure about your own emotions or intentions? Small moments. Nevertheless, enough strong that they derange your self-esteem and the feeling about what is wrong and what’s right in life. For example, canceling a meeting that […]

Atelier de serviette hygiénique à Berne

Doreen Bieri-Ngafor, de la Fondation Cho Ngafor, explique pourquoi elle a lancé le projet de serviette hygiénique lavables. La menstruation est souvent le cas de l’absentéisme scolaire chez les filles des villages camerounais. En conséquence, beaucoup d’adolescentes sont privées d’éducation. Le sujet de la période féminine est tabou et souvent stigmatisé. Heureusement, la « Fondation […]

La langue du cœur

La langue est plus qu’un moyen d’exprimer des pensées et des idées, c’est une expérience culturelle. La langue maternelle est la langue du cœur, c’est la langue des émotions, et pas seulement des connaissances. Les enfants qui grandissent en apprenant la langue maternelle de leurs parents ont de meilleures chances d’intégration à la culture locale, […]

Samo Ples – Só Dança – Just Dance

Lucify.ch je sreo Só Dança u Bernu. To je bila ljubav na prvi pogled. Só Dança je projekt koji je Ramba Adeio pokrenula 2014. Rambina vizija je boriti se za jednakost među spolovima koristeći se govorom tijela tj. plesom. Kao što i sama kaže, dok plešemo svi smo jednaki. Ples je trenutak jednakosti i harmonije. […]

Identity of a refugee woman

“I have nothing” doesn’t mean “I am nothing”! This is the reality when we talk about refugee women and the concept of identity. These days, when we talk about identity, we’re often referring to the identity of men, women and trans persons on the basis of gender and sexual orientation. But what about when we […]

Food is love

When we get homesick, which is quite frequent among expats, food is a way of comfort. We crave for culinary delights from back home. This doesn’t mean that local food is not as good as what we grew up with! It just means food is more than nutriments. Life is not possible without food. Our […]