Caro Knaack or … why does a woman need balls to be funny?

Caro Knaack – Swiss Comedy Talent Award 2021 Caro Knaack is a multi-talent: saxophonist, dancer, singer and a comedian who can tell her jokes in 4 languages. As part of the „Comedy Women“ network, she presents her own version of „women with balls“, poking fun at her own life story that looks like it came […]

I’m Walking on Sunshine – a Theater Piece for Any Age

I turned 41 this spring. From this point on, I can only get older. No matter how obvious it is that I am getting older, with each day of my life and with each birthday I celebrate, I don’t really lay a serious thought on it. Until the mid-age crisis comes, or we face some […]

Covid-19 & Agonising Consumerism

Oh, poor Lisa! Her known little world crawls down. Nothing functions anymore! All plans are blown in the air like one big soap-bubble. Her retreat on Bali is out of question. But everybody goes on Bali! Lisa feels herself as a total loser. Her newly bought pareo is covered with dust.  What should she post […]

حكي نسوان

هناك تفاوت كبير بين الثقافات العربية بسبب إختلاف اللهجات المتداولة. مثلاً مفردة معينة يتم إستخدامها بمعنى معين في الأردن بينما نفس المفردة تعني معنى آخر بعيد كل البعد في العراق وبين إختلاف المفردتين تحدث المواقف الطريفة. زهر وفاتن أحبتا أن تقربا الصورة اكثر بتجسيد هذه الحالة الشائعة الكوميدية بطريقتهما وبشكل عفوي زهر تحدثت بلهجة أردنية […]

Galentine’s Day

What is Galentine’s Day? Galentine’s Day is usually celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day. The idea behind is acknowledgement of female friendship.  Women meet their ladies friends and have fun: going out together or throwing a home-party. It does not matter whether you are single, married or in relationship: Galentine’s Day is about connecting with […]

Shnit: El Festival Mundial de Cortometrajes

Hablamos brevemente con Tristan sobre el Festival de Cortometrajes de Shnit, que se celebrará en Berna del 17 al 27 de octubre. La guía de programas de Shnit se centra en la diversidad del cortometraje en términos de todos los géneros [ficción, documental, animación, experimental] y duraciones [entre 1 y 40 minutos]. En el centro […]

I believe in Hormone Horoscope

Are you familiar with those moments in your life when you get confused about your own behavior and moods, not sure about your own emotions or intentions? Small moments. Nevertheless, enough strong that they derange your self-esteem and the feeling about what is wrong and what’s right in life. For example, canceling a meeting that […]

„Verschtehsch?“ 1001 Experience of Zarina

Zarina Tadjibaeva On the 9th of may you play in “Verschtehsch?” at ONO Bern. What is it going to be about? “Verschtehsch 1000 und 1 Fall einer Übersetzerin” („Do you understand? – 1001 case of a translator„) is a comedy in which I have brought on  stage all my experiences of an interpreter. I have been […]