Galentine’s Day

What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is usually celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day. The idea behind is acknowledgement of female friendship.  Women meet their ladies friends and have fun: going out together or throwing a home-party. It does not matter whether you are single, married or in relationship: Galentine’s Day is about connecting with your friends.

Differences between Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Celebrating romance


Often materialistic gifts

Very marketing-driven

Concerns just two people, excludes singles

Often seen as pretentious and pathetic

Galentine’s Day

Celebrating friendship

More universal

Symbolic acts

Less marketing-driven

Has no limit of number of people, also open for LGBT community

Should be taken with humor and irony


Where did it come from?

10 years ago one of the main characters of the American sitcom “Parks and Recreation” coined the term “Galentine’s Day”.  Just the evening before St.Valentine’s a fictional woman played by Leslie Knope decided to throw a waffle-and-love party to gather their girl pals and shower them in kindness and attention. Very soon Galentine’s Day became popular also among real life women.

Who can celebrate?

All women regardless their relationship status. People of LGBT community are also not excluded.

How to celebrate? Lucify Tips

  • All you need to do on this day is to reinforce your friendship in any available to you way. You might want to have an evening out with your ladies friends and visit a favorite bar or for example have home-movie evening. The most important is to find some time for each other, connect and have fun.


  • Do not take it too seriously not to feel stressed. It is your quality time, ladies! Indulge yourself with something that lifts you up: big portion of an ice-cream, sun tanning on the terrace or a favorite movie… Doing something for yourself is not a privilege, it is part of self-care and inner equilibrium.


  • It sounds like a fun-idea to also have gifts for each other on this day but try not to fall into a trap of consumerism (as it is often the case with Valentine’s Day). Presents does not have to be material. Compose a poem or a song, draw sweet caricatures, cook your best cupcakes, make a fun-video or create a ceremony of fun-awards for each of your friends: there is no limit for your creativity!


  • If your ladies friends live far away, you can still celebrate this day with them! Send them a virtual postcard, make a video-conference call, find some time to chat or to exchange old pictures from the childhood! The main point is to remember about your friends and let them know that they are valuable for you!


 Romantic love is sweet but friendship also occupies important part in our lives. Galentine’s Day is your chance to nourish different kind of human relationship. Connect with your women friends, dedicate some time to them, show solidarity and make them feel valued.  That is what Galentine’s Day for!

Über Anna Butan

Anna speaks French, German, English and Russian. She obtained a Master Degree at the University of Bern (Cultural Studies) and a Bachelor at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Philology). Anna has big interest in such themes as: identity, cultural hybridity, music, and raising children in multicultural context. She is convinced that our children can teach us a lot. They are not born with stereotypes but they risk to acquire them later under external circumstances. Our task as parents is to help them grow as conscious and culture-aware humans.

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