Rita Rampinelli and Women in Motorsport

Walking through the exhibition „Grand Prix Suisse 1934-54“ in Historisches museum of Bern, I came across the picture of a woman in racing clothers bravely looking at me. Rita Rampinelli. Swiss lady pa...Read More

Identity of a refugee woman

“I have nothing” doesn’t mean “I am nothing”! This is the reality when we talk about refugee women and the concept of identity. These days, when we talk about identity, we’re often referri...Read More

On Silence and Lessons of Chekhov

At the beginning of the year, I visited the exhibition “Sound of Silence” in the Museum of Communication in Bern. It is the first time that I attended the exhibition where visitors were guided not by ...Read More

Una “casa dei cittadini” per Berna?

La casa dovrebbe essere in una posizione centrale e servire da punto d’incontro e di formazione transculturale, con lo scopo d’integrare e includere le persone straniere. Questo centro servirebbe da s...Read More

Who Cares? – Tour de Lorraine

Video by Karmen Ramírez Boscán

Ideal Christmas Present through the Lens of Mindfulness

Have you ever heard about “Slow-motion tribe”? No, I am not talking about an indigenous tribe. What I mean is a community of people sharing similar values, visions and lifestyles. Being identified by ...Read More

#Female Pleasure: it’s a must

Described by Denise Bucher NZZaS as “one of the most important documentaries of our times,” it completes the avalanche of female awakening which started this year with the so called “#MeToo” revolutio...Read More

ID and CV

The story I would like to share with you, dear migrant women, will try in a way to deconstruct or at least reconstruct the borders between the private and the public. In this sense, I want to encourag...Read More

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