Fit für Theater

Jede Gesellschaft hat Normen und Regeln. Sie sorgen für Ordnung und verhindern ein Chaos. Einige “Normen” und der Grad, den wir für akzeptabel halten, können sich jedoch im Laufe der Zeit ...Read More

The Scheme Starts to Unravel

“The unknown is not unknowable, and is vastly greater than the known.” Sir John Templeton The Tale is a feature film by the award-winning documentary filmmaker Jennifer Fox, based on actua...Read More

Tramontana and its A-temporel

Good morning, Tramontana. I would like to know a bit more about you. Could you please present yourself? Alejandra Martin: Hi, I am Alejandra. I am viola player and I am from Spain. Mathilde Bernard: H...Read More

Food is love

When we get homesick, which is quite frequent among expats, food is a way of comfort. We crave for culinary delights from back home. This doesn’t mean that local food is not as good as what we grew up...Read More

Frauen, Musik & Integration

Varios grupos organizativos de mujeres provenientes de diferentes partes del mundo, se han encontrado en Suiza para promover la integración de sus culturas, a través de la música. Ellas son Alyne de l...Read More

Recipes of this world: Hummus from Middle East

Hummus is one of the oldest foods that cuisine has known around the world. Its origins are highly disputed among the Middle East countries. Chickpeas – the main ingredient of hummus was consumed in an...Read More

#Female Pleasure: it’s a must

Described by Denise Bucher NZZaS as “one of the most important documentaries of our times,” it completes the avalanche of female awakening which started this year with the so called “#MeToo” revolutio...Read More

A spicy confusion inspired by Loro, 2018, dir. Paolo Sorrentino

An older rich woman business director invites 30 young, half-naked men over for a lovely dinner in a garden. The fine looking men are actually employees of an escort agency led by a woman who is the p...Read More

Does the future really belong to women?

Men’s authoritative and controlling behavior towards women both in personal relationships and in the workplace is a big issue to be discussed after observing the life of Mr. Willy and his lovely muse....Read More

How do you manifest your “I” when you are three years old?

We start realizing that we have identities first when we are three years old, some of us even earlier. This is the age when suddenly we become aware about our “I”, about the fact that it is autonomous...Read More

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