Human Rights

Zürih’teki kadın gösterisi polisle kavgaya neden oldu

Zürih’te polis saldırısını direnişle karşılayan kadınlar 8 Mart’ı kutladıZürih’te yasağa rağmen biraraya gelen yüzlerce kadın, polisin saldırısına direnişle karşılık verdi. Gözaltıla...Read More

Phenomenal Women Global: Female Leaders Rising above COVID-19

Domestic and gender-based violence, financial dependence and work-life disequilibrium are only a few of many pandemic-related issues that girls and women face. It is a moment when female empowerment i...Read More

The Silent Scream of Wayunkerra Doll

Wayuu dolls are not easily to come across in Switzerland as they are mostly spread in Colombia. You need to know about the whole culture of the ingenious tribe to be able to find and appreciate these ...Read More

¡Fuera el Racismo ya!

Cada vez son más frecuentes las protestas contra el racismo en Suiza.  Preguntamos a algunas personas que participaron en la manifestación  Exit Racism Now!  que se llevó a cabo el sábado 11 de julio ...Read More

20 June – The International Refugee Day

20th June was the International Refugee Day, when all over Europe were taken actions to bring attention to more than 40’000 deaths caused by the refugee crisis and „the fatal policies of Fortres...Read More

Dónde Denunciar el racismo en Suiza

El racismo aumenta en el mundo y Suiza no es la excepción.  En el año 2019 se reportaron 575 episodios racistas en lugares públicos; algunos casos, involucraron episodios de ideología de extrema derec...Read More

Fifty Shades Of Abuse

Fifty Shades of Abuse When the general public thinks about domestic violence, they usually think in terms of physical assault that results in visible injuries to the victim. This is only one type of a...Read More

المتضرر الأكبر من كورونا في اليونان

لاتزال قضية تدفق اللاجئين على الجزر اليونانية تتعقد بمرور الأحداث والسنين ولحد اللحظة لم يتم التوصل إلى حل لمساعدة اللاجئين الفارين من ويلات الحروب في بلادهم والعالقين في الجزر اليونانية في ظروف معيشي...Read More

Derecho a la alimentación y COVID 19

Según la FAO 820 millones de personas padecen hambre crónica en la actualidad, aun cuando se producen suficientes alimentos para todos, sin embargo, desde la expansión exponencial del #COVID-19, los t...Read More

I don’t want to have children

“Childfree” definition is a person or a couple who have made the decision of not having children by choice   I don’t exactly remember when I became childfree, some people were born lacking that d...Read More

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