Superar Suisse: Music helps in integration!

When you go to the classical concert, would you generally expect the performers to be dressed in cheerful T-shirts in colors of summer? Or to have several different conductors? Would you expect to hear an orchestral version of the pop-song? What about a song in indigeneous language, for example on quechua? And would you expect to see a self-made musical instrument? Everything is possible in “Superar Suisse”!

“Superar Suisse” is a global charity organization that helps economically and socially disadvantaged children to get access to the quality music education. Organization consists of volounteer professional musicians of different origins, all of them willing to help children to learn music and singing. Many of the children who have no access to music education come from migrant background. “Superar” helps them not only to explore orchestra and choral singing but also to discover the joy of being part of a group.

Anna-Valentina Cenariu, the co-founder of „Superar“, explains:

„It is really about the community in Superar. That means not only awareness about self-esteem, but also learning to be able to achieve something as part of a group. That’s what I want to give to children».

As the sense of community and sufficient self-esteem are essential factors for socio-cultural integration, “Superar Suisse” becomes that magic stick that facilitates this process for children of different origins and social standings.

„I believe that „Superar“ helps children – no matter where they come from – to learn that every single person is valuable, – says Anna-Valentina Cenariu, – everything they do and everything they show on the stage is great. All what they learn, feel and experience with us helps them to realize that they really can achieve something. They will carry this feeling and this experience with them through their life.“

Finally, „Superar“ also brings many families together and let them re-unite through the feeling of mutual support, pride and belief in each other. Big performances of national and international scale are also good occasions for families to do something memorable together and to share positive emotions.

Next Superar Concert will take place in Luzern in August. More information - in our agenda.

Über Anna Butan

Anna speaks French, German, English and Russian. She obtained a Master Degree at the University of Bern (Cultural Studies) and a Bachelor at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Philology). Anna has big interest in such themes as: identity, cultural hybridity, music, and raising children in multicultural context. She is convinced that our children can teach us a lot. They are not born with stereotypes but they risk to acquire them later under external circumstances. Our task as parents is to help them grow as conscious and culture-aware humans.

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