Children’s social, emotional quotient during Covid-19: Missing school, friends

COVID-19 Children speak

As with the rest of us, the coronavirus pandemic situation has also not been easy for the children. There have been a lot of new learnings for them since last year. They know a lot about the virus, health safety and have learned enough about social distancing and other safety measures.  It is good to be aware. However, there is also no denying that we are going to deal with the entire generation of kids a little differently now, especially when it comes to building their emotional and social quotient. interacts with some children in Zurich about their learnings during the COVID-19 restrictions and what do they miss the most.

Zidane Kashif, 7 year

I like to go to school because  I learn things. I don’t like it when the schools are closed. If everything is fine, I would still like to wash my hands, because when we keep on washing our hands we don’t get germs and viruses for so many days. You know something, if my school is closed because of Corona, I will not go to school because I know when my school is closed there is a lot of Coronavirus outside and I don’t want to go outside. But I don’t want the school to be closed.

Annesha Bajpayee, 7 year:

Because of Coronavirus, we cannot travel to many places. We could go to others house and we could be more than five people. But not now. We need to stay safe and to do so, we can stay home. It is also good to stay sanitise, have masks if you are going to any shop or for walks. You should also do a Corona test if you are not feeling well. When you are scared that you might get then also go to the doctor.  When the schools were closed, I missed swimming every Friday, doing sports on Thursday, fun games in school.

Saanidhya Daftari , 9 year

When the schools were closed, it was boring at home. I was missing my friends and I was missing going by bicycle and by bus and by scooter. School is more fun because I have friends there. I go to the library in the school and I also go for gymnastics and swimming at school and I do a lot of interesting things at school. To stay safe, we have to always wash our hands when we come from a crowded place and never touch things like the floor, lamps, and all. Also, sanitise our hands and take a shower.

Bilwa Kakade, 7 year

I would like to go to school because in Zoom when our teacher says something then sometimes I forget that then I cannot ask my teacher because we do not have anything. I understand more when I am in school. I like to see my friends every day.

Zainab Shakir, 12 year

I like school because we do a lot of projects which are a lot of fun. In Zoom, you cannot do that much. Also, if you are at home and your network does not work, then you are sitting and waiting the whole day for the page to open. At school, you can also meet your friends. When the schools were closed I missed the most was meeting my friends and the project work and library.

Kiyan Chaudhari, 7 year

I would like to go to school because it’s more fun at school than at home. What I miss the most is that I don’t get to see my friends. And I don’t like to wear the mask but I have to wear it.

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