The missing X

The X-sculpture was installed on the Bahnhofplatz in Bern as a central symbol of the opposition to racism. The sculpture of the big significance was several times attacked by vandals. On the weekend before the start of the Action Week of the City of Bern Against Racism, the X-sign was sprayed, some posters were vandalized. Three days later, the sculpture was once again attacked and dismantled.

Saturday, the 23th of March, while some of multicultural citizens of Bern confronted racism with art and creativity at the Festival of Cultures, other citizens expressed their opposition to racism with a spontaneous demonstration.

The people on the street showed anarchist flags and protested with slogans against fascists and racists. This action started in front of the Heiliggeistkirche where the Festival der Kulturen was still going on, then it continued in the direction of the old city.

Those are two totally different approaches to the same undesirable topic. At any rates, nobody is happy with the vandalization of the X-sign on the Bahnhofplatz.
The sign symbolized standing up against racism and discrimination. A lot of people are also protesting in these days in a third way: with selfie of themselves in the place of the missing big X.

And also launched a #kreideGuerilla action: using washable colored chalks that we left for you near the missing sculpture, you can express the feelings and disagreement with racism, discrimination and this act of vandalism.

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