Last time it was in 1991 when  women in Switzerland protested: exactly twenty years after the state granted them the right to vote at national level and to participate in political life. It was however not before 1991, when the last Swiss conservative canton (Appenzell Innerrhoden) gave women a voting right on the cantonal level.

Now, as we are in 2019, still not all the rights of the woman are fully met.  Equal pay and many other issues remain the «hot» topic of many debates. The next women’s protest will take part on the 14 of June, 2019 all over Switzerland. Lucify took part in the preparation work going on in the Warmbächli, Bern. Women of different generations and cultural backgrounds met together to draw posters for the strike. Each of them has her own reasons to strike but general topics on agenda are: putting the end to patriarchal structures in society, eliminating sexism and inequality.

You can become part of the movement, join the «Frauenstreik».

(Text: Anna Butan)

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