Mental health of an expecting mother during Covid-19

Parul Chhaparia

Pregnancy is supposed to be a special time for expectant families. However, with the coronavirus pandemic spiralling out of control, all the exciting and happy thoughts are often engulfed by uncertainty, worries and anxiety. Staying happy is a new challenge, especially for the would-be mothers, who are at a higher risk from coronavirus.

“It’s bizarre. You want to think only positive while you are pregnant but it is almost impossible right now. I am always worried about what is going to happen to me and my baby. How are we going to handle the whole thing? The rising number of Corona cases are just adding fuel to the worries every day,” says Nupur Anurag, an expectant mother, based in Amsterdam. speaks to some expectant mothers to find out how even in these uncertain times, they are keeping themselves happy and high spirited about their next phase of lives. 

“With the COVID-19 Pandemic around, it is surely a little scary being pregnant but, I try to keep myself positive and high in spirits by engaging myself in my hobbies, staying fit and away from negativity. I am doing a short meditation every morning and it gives a positive start to my day. I also try to do some basic prenatal yoga at home around 3-4 times a week,” shares expectant mother Vidushi Soni, a resident of Zurich.

Vidushi is a singer. She says she has taken the home confinement during the lockdown as an opportunity to explore the world of music further. She has also stopped watching the news to restrain from negativity. “As a very important measure, my husband and I have stopped watching the news mostly as it was bringing too much of negativity and panic. Instead, we try to watch some really good light comedy, drama or similar content available. This has also helped me keep my spirits high,” she says.

Pursuing language is also one of the best ways to keep one’s mind productively engaged. Kirti Sharma, who is expecting her second child soon, has taken up German course to keep herself positively engaged during her pregnancy. “I needed a positive distraction and I always wanted to learn German. So, I have enrolled myself in a German course. It keeps me motivated and my mind busy. I get very little time to think about Coronavirus now,” she says.

Both Vidushi and Kirti also believe in the power of meditation and praying. “Praying and chanting bring a lot of peace to the mind. It is often that I get nervous about the situation and the fact that my parents would not be able to visit us after the delivery of the baby. However, I pray every day and remind myself that God has chosen me to bring a new life into the world and he will ensure everything goes fine,” shares Vidushi, who comes from India and has been living in Switzerland for the past four years.

Below are a few tips on how to navigate the new reality and stay happy:

  1. Stay away from watching too much news around Corona.  
  1. Join a language, hobby or skill class. Learning a new skill keeps you motivated and is a positive diversion of mind.
  1. Step out for a walk. Idea is to be out, inhale the fresh air, feel the world as it used to be, at a safe distance.
  1. Join an online group Yoga or any other form of physical fitness class. 
  1. Chanting or meditation
  1. Stay connected. Make the best use of technology. Video chat with friends and families. 
  1. Sleep on time, limit screen time

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