Am I a mother or a woman?

I will focus more on the female perspective on the matter, as it is more familiar to me. Over and over again around me I have witnessed the same scenario: lovely couple gets married, sooner or later t...Read More

Good Life – The choice is yours!

I have always wondered, what makes some people happier than others, What helps them to find joy more easily in life,  how can they rejoice with the little things and appreciate what they have on a con...Read More

Dear Ladies Live!

Faten live at Sockel

Dear Ladies

Faten’s series about relationships, women, self-confidence, self-responsibility, and self-respect. In this third episode, she tells us about privacy.

Suskunluğu Bozmak

[:de]Dersim’de yıllar önceydi, dışarıdan atanmış iri yarı öğrencilerine bir hayli düşkün (!) olan bir öğretmen “ben faşistim” diyordu öğrencilere. Orta okul öğrencileri henüz faşist ne demek bilmiyorl...Read More

عزيزتي المرأة

في هذا الڤيديو نتحدث سوية عن خاصية العطاء الغير محدود في العلاقات الإنسانية وكيف من الممكن أن تؤثر سلباً على شكل العلاقة وتعود بالنتائج الغير مرضية للطرف المتميز بعطاءهِ.

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