Wie Weihnachten und Neujahr auch in der Zeit von Covid19 unvergesslich werden

Weihnachten und Neujahr stehen vor der Tür, aber durch die Corona Beschränkungen sind wir in unseren Möglichkeiten auszugehen, mit Freunden zu feiern oder eine Party zu veranstalten, eingeschränkt. De...Read More

«Метаморфоза»: как стать бабочкой, разорвав цепь насилия

«ReBelle Art» – это намного больше, чем две женщины (Махина Джураева и Зарина Таджибаева), выступающие на сцене. Это коллектив женщин разного культурного происхождения – из Таджикистана, Швейцар...Read More

Covid-19: How working from home fathers are juggling work & children

Besides many other things what has changed upside down during the Covid-19 pandemic is the dynamics of parenthood. Fathers are not only the breadwinner now, but they are also the bread bakers. The hou...Read More

Over the seas and far away

A few months ago I experienced Covid-19 in Switzerland, when it was decided to close schools and work from home as much as possible. Back then, I thought it would be quite difficult to spend a few wee...Read More

NCBI: Construire des Ponts et Faire Entendre sa Propre Voix

Souvent, lorsque les gens se réfèrent à des personnes ayant une expérience de migration ou de réfugiés, c’est un nuage de mots bien intentionnés qui se répandent sur leur têtes, quels que s...Read More

Mental health of an expecting mother during Covid-19

Parul Chhaparia Pregnancy is supposed to be a special time for expectant families. However, with the coronavirus pandemic spiralling out of control, all the exciting and happy thoughts are often engul...Read More

Totalitarianism of Physical Fitness and Devaluation of the Old Age

Another day I saw an old lady walking down the street with her rolling walker. She advanced very slowly, trembling from fatigue but her face was joyful, she was smiling to the sun. Perhaps she was hap...Read More

Sahiba dhe i ftuari i 67.

“Në fillim çdo gjë shkonte mirë” Kështu fillon tregimi i Sahibës, zonjës që e takova në një restorant në Sarajevë. “Ne ishim të lumtur, prindërit tanë edhe më të lumtur. Një vit pas ...Read More

Galentine’s Day

What is Galentine’s Day? Galentine’s Day is usually celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day. The idea behind is acknowledgement of female friendship.  Women meet their ladies friends and have fun: g...Read More

Mein Glaube

بی عشق نشاط و طرب افزون نشود بی عشق وجود خوب و موزون نشود صد قطره ز ابر اگر به دریا بارد بی جنبش عشق در مکنون نشود “مولوی” Ohne Liebe gibt es kein Glück und keine Fröhlichkeit. Ohne Liebe ...Read More

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