Caro Knaack or… why does a woman need balls to be funny?

Caro Knaack – Swiss Comedy Talent Award 2021 Caro Knaack is a multi-talent: saxophonist, dancer, singer and a comedian who can tell her jokes in 4 languages. As part of the “Comedy Women&#...Read More

Money Moves: Female Empowerment through Financial Independence

One out of five women in Switzerland are living in poverty in their old age. How can that happen in presumably rich country? Lucify talked to Anju Devasar, the founder of “Money Moves” who empowers wo...Read More

Feminismo y activismo latinoamericano para escuchar

En estos tiempos de pandemia no sólo encontré en los podcasts un gran aliado para transitar el aislamiento social, sino también un medio poderoso para estar conectada con el feminismo y activismo de m...Read More

One year watching #52FILMSBYWOMEN

Back in July 2019 I decided to challenge myself to watch 52 films directed by women over the course of one year. Here’s what I learned! How many female directors can you name? How many films directed ...Read More

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