Coronavirus: The Economic Impact

The Coronavirus pandemic is posing severe challenges for world economies. According to a World Economic Forum report, the current forecasts suggest that COVID-19 recession will be the deepest since Wo...Read More

What working from home is really like for moms

Gone are the days when the morning alarm for a working mother meant getting up and getting ready quickly, helping kids to dress up fast, fix their breakfast hurriedly, rushing to drop them off to scho...Read More

Gender parity in the film industry: 50/50 BY 2020?

Since the accusations against Harvey Weinstein kick-started the #MeToo movement a few years ago, it has become necessary to address the subject of gender (in)equality in the film industry. It is a wid...Read More

I don’t want to have children

“Childfree” definition is a person or a couple who have made the decision of not having children by choice   I don’t exactly remember when I became childfree, some people were born lacking that d...Read More

إنها مجرد عطسة

عطسةٌ أخافت الجميع! عطسةٌ واحدة نشرت العدل في العالم كله. لقد تساوى السيد مع الخادم. كلاهما يخافان من عطسة. شبحُ كورونا أقلقَهم جميعاً والتصقَ بهم كما تلتصق القرادة في الجلد. يخافون من عطسة خفيفة الصو...Read More

Escuela en tiempos de #Covid19

Ya ha pasado más de una semana desde que se cerraran las escuelas. Al principio entré en angustia existencial, pero pronto me calmé a mi misma con el pensamiento consolador de que todo iba a ser algo ...Read More

Loneliness at the times of Corona

Humans are social beings: cut them off the basic human interaction and they might get sick simply because of loneliness, anxiety and sadness. As a response to the global pandemic we are advised to ado...Read More

Sahiba dhe i ftuari i 67.

“Në fillim çdo gjë shkonte mirë” Kështu fillon tregimi i Sahibës, zonjës që e takova në një restorant në Sarajevë. “Ne ishim të lumtur, prindërit tanë edhe më të lumtur. Një vit pas ...Read More

لقاء حصري مع سمير جمال الدين

سمير يتحدث ل لوتسفاي عن فلمه الجديد بغداد في خيالي وماهي أهم المواضيع الحساسة والمهمة التي تحدث عنها الفلم Noor AlameryNoor ist Anwältin für Menschenrechte und Feministin und wurde in Baghdad/Irak geb...Read More

Povești la ceas de școală

De când există lumea, de când oamenii sunt capabili să comunice, poveștile și istorisirile au fost mereu un mod răspândit de diseminare a mesajelor importante. Și adevărul este că ne place o poveste b...Read More

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