Recipes of this world: Hummus from Middle East

Hummus is one of the oldest foods that cuisine has known around the world. Its origins are highly disputed among the Middle East countries. Chickpeas – the main ingredient of hummus was consumed in an...Read More

#Female Pleasure: it’s a must

Described by Denise Bucher NZZaS as “one of the most important documentaries of our times,” it completes the avalanche of female awakening which started this year with the so called “#MeToo” revolutio...Read More

A spicy confusion inspired by Loro, 2018, dir. Paolo Sorrentino

An older rich woman business director invites 30 young, half-naked men over for a lovely dinner in a garden. The fine looking men are actually employees of an escort agency led by a woman who is the p...Read More

Does the future really belong to women?

Men’s authoritative and controlling behavior towards women both in personal relationships and in the workplace is a big issue to be discussed after observing the life of Mr. Willy and his lovely muse....Read More

How do you manifest your “I” when you are three years old?

We start realizing that we have identities first when we are three years old, some of us even earlier. This is the age when suddenly we become aware about our “I”, about the fact that it is autonomous...Read More

Rezepte dieser Welt: Yabraa aus Syrien

 Dieses Rezept wird am in der Turnhalle (PROGR) am 11 Dezemeber 2018, 6:30 pm serviert. Du bist herzlich eingeladen! More info und Reservationen Yabraa ist eine bekannte Spe...Read More

Music and Hybridity: On Childhood without Prejudices

Snow White was lying next to a Superman. And there were others as well, whose identity I could not categorise right away. The moment the music started, they were all alive: jumping, clapping, dancing ...Read More

Recipes of this world: Ajiaco

 Ajiaco (Chicken and Potato Soup from Colombia) Ingredients Apprx. 6 servings ¼ medium white onion, sliced ½ cup (25 g) whole bärlauch instead of guascas 2 medium half chicken breasts, with the bone ...Read More

Cultural Grief

When moving to a new location, you always have to leave something behind – a familiar environment, close contact with family and friends, even your own sense of identity. These losses can be pro...Read More

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