Coronavirus: The Economic Impact

The Coronavirus pandemic is posing severe challenges for world economies. According to a World Economic Forum report, the current forecasts suggest that COVID-19 recession will be the deepest since Wo...Read More

Belly dance as a freedom of expression had a very inspiring interview with Alia from the ZEOT dance Studio in Zürich. ZEOT is the largest dance studio for belly dance in Switzerland. Alia is discovering what is the secret behind ...Read More

From Any Job, to a Better Job, Towards the Dream Job

The path from any job, to a better job towards the dream job is a typical path that migrants are going through. This means, migrants are often ready to make compromises and to accept jobs, which are b...Read More

Nouveaux modèles féminins d’évolution

Je me demande parfois s’il existe vraiment des métiers réservé exclusivement aux femmes ou aux hommes. En effet, la société se base majoritairement sur des stéréotypes selon lesquels les médecin...Read More

Auf Augenhöhe Geflüchtete unterstützen

Esther Oester ist Schweizerin, war aber lange im Ausland für die internationale Zusammenarbeit tätig. Zum Beispiel in Afghanistan, Honduras oder Tansania. Hier hat sie direkt erfahren, wie Menschen in...Read More

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