Posts Manifesto is the voice of intercultural women in Swiss media. is an online platform for exchange and participation, founded by migrant women media producers willing to create space for missi...Read More

The Flower-injection in the Soul Tired from the Pandemic

On the 8th of March exactly on the International Women’s Day I was taken away by the flower whirlwind. Flowers from the artist’s canvas. And painted flowers suddenly noticed by me among paving stones ...Read More

Zürih’teki kadın gösterisi polisle kavgaya neden oldu

Zürih’te polis saldırısını direnişle karşılayan kadınlar 8 Mart’ı kutladıZürih’te yasağa rağmen biraraya gelen yüzlerce kadın, polisin saldırısına direnişle karşılık verdi. Gözaltıla...Read More

Money Moves: Female Empowerment through Financial Independence

One out of five women in Switzerland are living in poverty in their old age. How can that happen in presumably rich country? Lucify talked to Anju Devasar, the founder of “Money Moves” who empowers wo...Read More

SWAN launches a new initiative to support women in the Swiss audiovisual industry

The Swiss Women’s Audiovisual Network (SWAN) presented the first Swiss online directory of women working in the audiovisual industry on January 25th at the Solothurn Film Festival. This initiative aim...Read More

Un corso di tedesco sotto l’albero.

La città di Berna regala anche quest’anno dei buoni di 400.- CHF per frequentare dei corsi di tedesco. Ottenerli è semplice, ma attenzione, l’offerta è valida solo fino al 21. Februar 2021! La conosce...Read More

Is that really a life?

Refugees leave their country because of many difficulties, injustice and fear for their lives. On the escape route they often experience more fear and distress than in their own country. But all the t...Read More

Finding a job during COVID-19

One of the most challenging tasks when you land in Switzerland, is finding a job. This has become even more challenging as most of the companies revisit and rework budgets to mitigate the impact of th...Read More

Phenomenal Women Global: Female Leaders Rising above COVID-19

Domestic and gender-based violence, financial dependence and work-life disequilibrium are only a few of many pandemic-related issues that girls and women face. It is a moment when female empowerment i...Read More

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