Posts Manifesto is the voice of intercultural women in Swiss media. is an online platform for exchange and participation, founded by migrant women media producers willing to create space for missi...Read More

Caro Knaack or… why does a woman need balls to be funny?

Caro Knaack – Swiss Comedy Talent Award 2021 Caro Knaack is a multi-talent: saxophonist, dancer, singer and a comedian who can tell her jokes in 4 languages. As part of the “Comedy Women&#...Read More

Structural Racism in Swiss Culture

Interviews With Cultural Workers from Bern, Zürich and Lucerne Maya Taneva Through the action-week against racism in Bern (Aktionswoche gegen Rassismus in Bern) and through the rich program of events,...Read More

“Dear God, all I want is for her to come back,” a mother’s letter

It has been more than 33 days, and the Ukraine war is still far from over. Thousands of students were stuck in Ukraine when the Russian invasion started. Most of them have managed to return to their h...Read More

Ukraine-Russia Conflict: It’s getting worse for the Indian students

Parul C While the Russia-Ukraine conflict intensifies, the state of the Indian students stuck in Ukraine seems to be getting gut-wrenching with each passing day. Thousands of them are still hiding in ...Read More

Celebrating Diwali ‘the festival of light’ away from home

Parul Chhaparia No matter how much you settle down, integrate, and enjoy living in your ‘second homeland’, there are some days – the festivals – that you miss being back home, the place of...Read More

Part 2: Caught between the two worlds: Dilemma of an expat

By Parul Chhaparia In a recent job interview, the interviewer asked me when did you move to Switzerland and why? I said over five years back to join my husband and mainly because it was challenging to...Read More

Orient Express Film Festival – world without borders

Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace John Lennon John Lennon invited us to expand our...Read More

I’m Walking on Sunshine – a Theater Piece for Any Age

I turned 41 this spring. From this point on, I can only get older. No matter how obvious it is that I am getting older, with each day of my life and with each birthday I celebrate, I don’t really lay ...Read More

Interview: Kirtimalini Gadre, on being an entrepreneur during the pandemic

Parul Chhaparia Some people aspire to be entrepreneurs and some just follow their passion for something and end up being one. Kirtimalini Gadre, a well-known name among the Indian circle in Zurich and...Read More

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