Posts Manifesto is the voice of intercultural women in Swiss media. is an online platform for exchange and participation, founded by migrant women media producers willing to create space for missi...Read More

I’m Walking on Sunshine – a Theater Piece for Any Age

I turned 41 this spring. From this point on, I can only get older. No matter how obvious it is that I am getting older, with each day of my life and with each birthday I celebrate, I don’t really lay ...Read More

Interview: Kirtimalini Gadre, on being an entrepreneur during the pandemic

Parul Chhaparia Some people aspire to be entrepreneurs and some just follow their passion for something and end up being one. Kirtimalini Gadre, a well-known name among the Indian circle in Zurich and...Read More

Između doline i neba: razgovor s Dragicom Rajčić Holzner ima čast razgovarati s dobitnicom Švicarske nagrade za literaturu za 2021: Dragica Rajčić Holzner i pri tome imamo priliku popričati o stvarima koje čine pisanje Vaš (i naš) život. More

Schreiben und auftreten als Autorin mit Migrationshintergrund in der Schweiz

“Wenn ich schreibe fühle ich mich gut, denn es ist die perfekte Medizin, mit dem Schmerz umzugehen, den mir das Leben zugefügt hat. Viele Male schon habe ich geschrieben und dann das Papier zerissen u...Read More

Surviving COVID-19 and the life after

Parul Chhaparia “In the past few weeks, the infection has made me realize a few things that I never appreciated earlier,” said Tarika Dudi, who lives in Gurgaon city in India. The second wave of coron...Read More

Corona’s Godly connection

Parul Chhaparia There are two types of us. The ones who find peace with their faith and traditions during a crisis and the others who struggle with their faith when a crisis occurs. In the last two mo...Read More

Les Femmes noires laissant un héritage : lecture “I will be different every time…” pendant le Tour de Lorraine

Du 30 avril au 13 mai la 21e édition du «Tour de Lorraine» s’est déroulée à Berne. Cette année, une série d’ateliers, de soirées-débats, de lectures et de projections de cinéma ont eu lieu...Read More

Luzernliler: Eichwäldli kalmalı

Luzern kantonunda bulunan eski askeri kışla odalarını kollektif bir yaşam alanına çeviren Eichwäldli sakinleri yaptıkları eylemle evlerini terk etmeyeceklerini belirtti. İsviçre’nin Luzern kanto...Read More

زندگى در شرايط نت هيلفه ( كمك هاى

زندگى†در†شرايط†نت†هيلفه†( كمك†هاى اظطرارى†) در†سوئيس وقتى†كه†كيس†شما†به†عنوان†پناهنده†در†كشور سوئيس†رد†ميشود†و†شما†نگاتيو†ميگيريد†بعد†از طى†مراحلى†به†شما†اعلام†ميشود†كه†شما†بايد . كشور†سوئيس†را†ترك†كن...Read More

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