I’m Walking on Sunshine – a Theater Piece for Any Age

I turned 41 this spring. From this point on, I can only get older. No matter how obvious it is that I am getting older, with each day of my life and with each birthday I celebrate, I don’t really lay a serious thought on it. Until the mid-age crisis comes, or we face some hindrance caused by illnesses and pain. Usually, we connect the process of getting aged, as process of experiencing painful changes in our body. But is it really only like this?

„I am walking on sunshine“ is a theatric training-lesson about how to stay young while getting old. In Maxim Theater Production, directed by Janine Hoch, this theatre piece, engages couple of actors of all possible age and national background.

With lots of humour, singing and dancing, ten actors share with us their way of facing the process of getting old. The piece makes a special emphasis on the group of citizens of Zurich who have a migrational background and think of coming back to their homeland when they get old.  

The director chose the set up of a gym, where couple of generations of people  meet together for a lesson in gymnastics. But they don’t train only their muscles. Through lots of laughter and music, they share their problems about getting aged, getting alone and getting used to pain. 

We asked the director of the piece, Jasmine Hoch, about her own experiences while working on this piece. We were also curious to hear how does it feel like to work not only within a team of actors which are from different generations but from different cultural and national backgrounds as well. The answers to these and many other questions of it are in the following videos


Short Summary of the Piece

Why this Title?

What does it mean for Jasmine Hoch to work with people with migrational background?

Why do you, dear reader, have to see this piece?

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