The Parlament of the Migrants in Lucerne

As a woman with migrant background I often meet colleagues with the same history. One common opinion among „us“ is that our voice as Migrants here in Switzerland can not be heard. If this is true, then 20% (or more) of the citizens of this country are not properly represented in the politics. This problem has been already recognised and there are studies and projects which make an effort to deal with the problem of political participation. Like for example the EKMs publication on Citoyenité Project „Terra Cognita“.

In September 2019 in Canton Lucerne was founded the Parlament of the Migrants: MiP. visited the Parlament in Hellowelcome in Luzern. During our visit, we met some of the founders of the project, as well as some completely new participants. We tried to find out what was their main motivation to participate in this project. We discussed their strategies, as well as, their future goals.

The Migrant’s Parlament tempts to create a sustainable basis for direct democracy, which will functionally represent the voice of the migrants in politics. In order to pave this alternative way to the official representatives of Lucerne’s cantonal Council, the project developed several working groups with relevant topics, such as integration at the working market, naturalisation, racism etc.

Gina Aschwanden, one of the founders of this project, and coordinator of the working groups, revealed their plan to achieve a proper representation of migrant’s needs in Lucerne’s Council. keeps the track on the work of the Migrant’s Parliament. In October 2020 will take place the first session of the Migrant’s Parlament in the Canton’s Council of Lucerne. We hope that will be on the spot and broadcast live the session.

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