All Women Together

On June 14, 2019, more than half a million women in Switzerland joined the second women's strike and the team of was there. We protested all together to invoke the application of the law on equality between men and women, which was written in 1981, but that is still not reality.

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We decided not to report the event in real time, and moreover to set our website and social medias offline, as protest against free work and professional disqualification which are inpose to migrant women.

As we were offline, we publish this text to explain our reason:

We also embrace the reason of the Frauenstreik and we hope that the equality will be reach very soon for all women living in Switzerland.

In the following day we will publish articles and social media posts with our multicultural impressions of this day in Bern, Zürich, Basel, Neuchâtel, Geneva and more. Follow us!

First Video:

Second Video:

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