I believe in Hormone Horoscope

Are you familiar with those moments in your life when you get confused about your own behavior and moods, not sure about your own emotions or intentions? Small moments. Nevertheless, enough strong that they derange your self-esteem and the feeling about what is wrong and what’s right in life.

For example, canceling a meeting that just 3 days ago you were so much looking forward to it. Or, having a flat-face when your boss tells you the news about your promotion. Feeling nothing. No excitement, no happiness. And just couple of days before you were dedicating your night prayers to it. Or, even worse, you meet the guy of your dreams in the passage of the gym, he talks to you, and you are everything but enthusiastic to meet him. Or, if you are living in a relationship, for weeks you don’t feel attracted to your partner and then suddenly boom it hits you like a bomb and you are able to have sex on the dirty kitchen floor.

Are we women crazy?! Don’t we really know what we want in our lives? Did you ever wonder, just like I did, why your moods are so alternating? Well, I went through quite a lot of self-reflection, self- examination, work on my self and I was unable to thoroughly understand the nature of my alternating character until I stumbled upon one App with a funny name Hormone Horoscope. Until I got familiar with this App I got almost sure that I am just an unrealized actress; a drama queen who tends to complicate things in life instead of staying focused on my life-goals. Suddenly through this app I realized that it’s my hormonal system that makes the things so dramatically alternating in my life!

The Hormone Horoscope App in a funny way, in a form of daily doses of Horoscope, predicts your moods and tendencies throughout the day. Quite exactly. More or less impeccably correct. Through it I found out that not only me, but also each woman, has four different characters, depending on the menstruation cycle. 28 days, 4 weeks, 4 alternating characters. Our body and its hormones determine our moods and tendencies. Hormone Horoscope helped me and it is still helping me to understand why I am canceling a meeting about which I was very thrilled just couple of days ago. Why I regularly, for about 10 days in the month I don’t feel any sexual attraction towards my partner. Further, it helps me to plan my activities throughout the month. For example, I needed to pick up a date for my C1 Exam in German language. I checked out the cycle week and I avoided the days just before my menstruation, because our brain skills and sharpness, our orally capacities, as well as our self-esteem, couple of days before the menstruation are down to zero.

Each one of us could profit so much more if we start to understand how much determined we are by our hormones. Things are getting clearer and so much better for us women, when we finally get access into the secrets of our monthly cycle. Each one of us can stay in peace with one self, because you finally start to understand „it’s just the hormones“ and you start to live in peace with your own alternating nature. Your partner as well. If he knows you are in the week 3 he will not insist so much on the romantic dinner, which he could carefully, together with you schedule it for the week 2 of your cycle.

The app itself is just a beginning of a new chapter in which the scientific knowledge combined with everyday life of a woman.For those who are interested to get more profoud knowledge on the topic, than the app offers, can check the newest book from Gabrielle Lichterman 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals About Your Moods, Health and Potential.

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