AcroYoga Flashmob Zürich


The AcroYoga Flashmob Zürich was realized on the 7th of May 2017 within the Zürich Tanzt festival under the lead of Salvatore Daniele from

The word Yoga itself means Union. When we practice Yoga (and I do not mean only the physical part, the Asanas), we practice Union.
The practice of Union can happen at so many different levels.
There are many deeper levels of practicing Union, for example, the Union and fusion of Wisdom and Compassion in Meditation practice and in daily life…
When practicing Acro Yoga, we might experience the Union, on many levels, of two practitioners to create a form of beautiful balance that would not be achievable by ourselves alone.
We do practice Yoga when we hug a person with love and we Unite and merge with this person and with everything around.

(From the blog post of Salvatore Daniele)[:]

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